Live Play Episode 02: Into The Woods

Last time, we meet our heroes. In todays episode, the PCs have their first encounter with the wilds—and the players have their first encounter with the core mechanics! Fun is had by all, except Maug who is left scratching his head as to what could possibly be happening with the children…and his old friend Cylric.

Episode 4: Advantageous Failure, Threatening Success

In today’s episode, we delve into spending advantage.png and threat.png in both combat and social encounters. While I do talk about the tables in the book, I also go into more detail about how to spend them in other ways.

Episode 3: The Basics

This episode we dig deep in Part I: Chapter 1, “Core Mechanics”:

  • What’s with the funny symbols?
  • How Do I interpret the dice?
  • How the heck do I form my dice pool?

I apologize for the length of this episode, but I didn’t want to cut it into two pieces since the core mechanics are, well, core to how the game plays. It’s just under 29 minutes in length.

Live Play Episode 01: Introduction

Today is episode 1 of my winter-themed live play! It was a blast playing and I hope to be able to do more one-shots like this in the future!

Discussion Points in the episode:

  • I have a patron! Please visit my Patreon page if you would like to support the show and gain access to the patron-only Discord server
  • The players for this game were found on the Redemption Podcast Discord server. It’s a great Star Wars live play. If you like Genesys, the NDS and/or Star Wars it’s worth a listen! You can check them out here

There are no questions this week, but if you have one please drop me a line!

Episode 02: Making Genesys Your Own

Welcome to the second episode of Excess Advantage! In today’s episode, I delve deep into GM territory and discuss how to customize Genesys to meet your needs. This trek takes us to Part III, Chapter 1 in the book.

Creating your own skills, archetypes/species, talents, gear and adversaries are all discussed. While this chapter is in the GM’s Toolkit part of the book, don’t forget that players can use it, too! If they have an idea for their character let ’em use the tools to make it and provide it for GM approval.

Episode 01: What Is Genesys?

Welcome to the first episode of Excess Advantage! In this episode, Devon, a long-time friend and co-host of the Shark Bone Podcast, asks me questions about the Genesys RPG. He asks good questions and I hope it helps all y’all learn more about what the game—and this podcast—is all about.

Show Notes


Episode 00: Introduction

Welcome to the introduction to Excess Advantage! This teaser episode is just to give you a bit of info about the podcast and what I hope to accomplish.

Show Notes


Welcome to Excess Advantage! I’m still working on getting the first few episodes done, so please bear with me before I get content out.

I am working as fast as the holiday season will let me! In the meantime, feel free to contact me or follow me on Twitter. As soon as episode one is out, I’ll be sure to blast it out for everyone to hear!

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